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我们对Pureosity 的认识

教授 Easan Sivaniah CV   Sunny on the inside.
Associate Professor Daisuke Yamaguchi Daisuke Yamaguchi Variety
助教 Behnam Ghalei CV   Get act together to help the world.
特定研究员 Masateru Ito   Very Gooooooooooood Daredevils
特定研究员 Binod Babu Shrestha   A crazy and desperate group for research and pleasure…
特定研究员 Gunawan Setia Prihandana   very very very busy group
特定研究员 Ali Pournaghshband Isfahani   Turn big ideas into reality
特定研究员 Detao Qin Detao Qin An energetic group connecting scientific research with industrial applications.
研究生 Andrew Harold Gibbons   Hard working, Close knit
Graduate Student Guoji Huang   Hard working
研究生 Kazuki Wakimoto   Never ever getting bored
本科生 Takuma Yamamoto   It's going to be a tough year.
本科生 Daiki Hirayama   Rapid progression
技术员 Ansori Muchtar   It seems it is gonna be fun.
技术员 Motokazu Sakaue   I will do my best!
技术员 Hiroki Higashiura   Diversity makes our life more colorful.
技术员 Ayako Yamada   Fun♪
秘书 Chika Yamashita   Dedicated
教授 Easan Sivaniah  
Country/City : UK Research Theme : Creative Solutions to a Cleaner world. University of Graduation : Cambridge University (PhD)

E-mail : esivaniah@icems.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Associate Professor Daisuke Yamaguchi Daisuke Yamaguchi
Country/City : Japan / Hyogo Research Theme : Mechanical property of COS membrane
助教 Behnam Ghalei  
Country/City : Iran, Tehran Research Theme : Membrane separation processes

Email: bghalei@icems.kyoto-u.ac.jp


特定研究员 Masateru Ito  
Country/City : Japan, Tokyo Research Theme : Physical property on nano-patterned film

All legitimate occupations are honourable except for research

特定研究员 Binod Babu Shrestha  
Country/City : Nepal, kathmandu Research Theme : Synthesis and application of novel microporous porymer
特定研究员 Gunawan Setia Prihandana  
Country/City : Indnesia, Jogjakarta Research Theme : membrane for water purification
特定研究员 Ali Pournaghshband Isfahani  
Country/City : Iran, Isfahan Research Theme : Polymer membranes for gas separation

My research explores the relationship between the polymer structure and its properties with special application in membrane technology.

特定研究员 Detao Qin Detao Qin
Country/City : 中国 / 合肥 Research Theme : Novel nanocomposite membranes for liquid separation University of Graduation : Interdisciplinary Graduate School (IGS) of Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore)

I am a PhD graduated from Interdisciplinary Graduate School (IGS) of Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore).

It is my great pleasure to join iCeMS, Kyoto University as a Postdoctoral research associate.

I shall try my best.

研究生 Andrew Harold Gibbons  
Country/City : Ireland, Dublin Research Theme : Porous Thin Films
Graduate Student Guoji Huang  
Country/City : China, Shanghai Research Theme : Graphene based porous materials
研究生 Kazuki Wakimoto  
Country/City : Japan, Osaka Research Theme : Feed gas reforming for engines
本科生 Takuma Yamamoto  
Country/City : Japan / Osaka
本科生 Daiki Hirayama  
Country/City : Japan / Fukuoka Research Theme : Chemistry
技术员 Ansori Muchtar  
Country/City : Indonesia, Bandung

Japan is cold

技术员 Motokazu Sakaue  
Country/City : Japan / Niigata
技术员 Hiroki Higashiura  
Country/City : Japan / Nara
技术员 Ayako Yamada  
Country/City : Japan, Kyoto

No karaage, no life.

秘书 Chika Yamashita  
Country/City : Japan, Hyogo

The happiest time is when eating delicious food and drinking good wine


我们对Pureosity 的认识

Zhenggong Wang   Hard working
Tomoya Suma   We are comedians.
Daisuke Yamamoto   Chaotic
Yosuke Kinoshita   Stylish
Shinsuke Segawa   Inspiring
Marika Miyakawa   International!
Ayumi Mure   Unique
Zhenggong Wang  
Country/City : China, Yantai Research Theme : Gas separation
Tomoya Suma  
Country/City : Japan / Kanagawa Research Theme : Biomaterial

Suma is a fish.

Daisuke Yamamoto  
Country/City : Japan, Hyogo Research Theme : Polymer photonic crystals

Once in a lifetime

Yosuke Kinoshita  
Country/City : Japan, Osaka Research Theme : Gas Separation Membranes

Arigato for my life


2017-present  JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy corporation

2015-2017      Kyoto University Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto, Japan

2011-2015      Kyoto University Undergraduate School of Global Engineering, Kyoto, Japan

Shinsuke Segawa  
Country/City : Japan, Kyoto Research Theme : Synthesis of new polymers for membrane science

Wanna lose weight without any effort!

Marika Miyakawa  
Country/City : Japan, Shiga

I love grapefruits, soy beans and tea.

Ayumi Mure  
Country/City : Japan, Shiga Research Theme : Nanofiltration membranes

Suitable temperature is 30℃

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