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How to Engage with Us?

Discovery, design, Innovation, entrepreneurship and social impact 

Pureosity is a collection of many nationalities, and our members are from inside and outside academia. Many of our researchers, including at the most senior levels, have substantial experience of working on collaborative industry-driven projects, which helps to foster an entrepreneurial culture.

Students and young researchers at Pureosity

We believe that the role of higher education now extends beyond teaching and public service research to tackling key social challenges. Therefore, we encourage University students, recent graduates, PhD graduates and PDFs to work on industry-driven research and development projects. At Pureosity, students and young researchers can have a chance to work with talented people from diverse backgrounds and learn so many things, not only the academic skills but also how to make real contributions. If you seek, with a passion for a greater goals, we love to hear from you.
If you want to see an example of “What brought a student to Pureosity” click here to watch a video.

Academia-Industry partnership at Pureosity

We seek strategic partners that can create a combination of culture, of effort, and of talent and resources.
Academia-industry partnerships are nothing new but it’s still a big leap to creating strategic partnerships which both sides engage fully and equally. We want to overcome the cultural and communications divide to make chemistry work and become a powerful engine for innovation to tackle the most urgent social challenges. Therefore, we seek new avenues of broader innovation ecosystem to engage with.
We want to see our discoveries meet a market need. 
If you are interested in becoming a key player of any shapes and sizes as a cross-sectoral partner or collaborating with us, we love to hear from you.  We are open and its easy for you to start a conversation about testing, prototyping, and finding an innovative way to get our cutting edge technology into the hands of the public through teamwork and joint partnerships.

Let’s do something amazing.

Give us a shout about you and your motivation!! Please complete the form from here to contact us. 
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