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Are You Pureous?


Who we are  

Pureosity is based in Kyoto, Japan’s ancient heart and at iCeMS, which is a flagship institute of Kyoto University. We are a collection of many nationalities and philosophies, that innovates with freedom in our expression and imagination, to open a space to share voices and environmental awareness globally through advances in clean technology.

What we do and Our value

We bring research from the laboratory to fruition through start-up and social entrepreneurship. A lot of our current focus is based on membrane science to develop technology to reduce harmful emissions or to clean water in energy efficient ways. Please watch the video above to see more about us.

Let’s connect

If you would like to know what you could be part of if you join the Pureosity, or if you want to work with us to create the joint endeavours, please click below to see more about us.


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