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Are You Pureous?

Pureosity is a collection of researchers based at iCeMS, a flagship institute of Kyoto University.   At iCeMS, we have created an environment where biology and materials science comes together at the most fundamental levels to spark new ideas that can change the way the synthetic world interacts with the natural world.

Pureosity lives within the creative environment of iCeMS to develop applied technologies from this fusion of fundamental sciences.  We are especially interested in technologies that can help society in cleaning the environment, creating more sustainable energy supplies and providing better healthcare solutions not just for the developed world, but also the developing parts of the world.

A lot of our current focus is based on membrane science to develop technologies that might clean water, or generate drinking water in energy efficient ways.  Other areas of our activity are for developing ways to reduce harmful emissions or generate new medical devices that can alleviate some of the biggest natural causes of death in the world.

But most of all, we are a collection of people that want to help, and have fun using our imaginations to do so.  We live by the philosophy that as long as the heart is willing and the mind is flexible, we can throw away the ideas of what should be and discover what could be.  Please come visit and enjoy that journey with us.

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