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Support iCeMS

Visionary science requires visionary philanthropy. It is a sad but true fact that truly transformative science is often the hardest to fund. Risk-taking is admired in fields as diverse as professional sports and stock market trading, but the minute a scientist dons a white lab coat he is expected to conform, to set ‘achievable’ goals, to reign in the power of his imagination. At iCeMS we don’t think that way.

Here at iCeMS we dare to think outside the box and we confound conventional thinking. In the true academic and cultural ‘Kyoto Tradition’, we dare to be different. Our elite team of world-beating researchers and innovative scientists are pushing the boundaries of known science in the search for game-changing solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing problems in healthcare, energy, neuroscience, longevity, fertility, the Environment, and more.

Utilizing totally new, unprecedented technology and futuristic bio-inspired super materials our gifted international team pursues science at the highest possible level in our quest to provide the ultimate solutions to the global issues that concern us all. We seek not merely to improve existing technologies but to effect paradigm shifts in the way science benefits humanity. But we can’t do it alone.

We need your help. As we enter a new phase in our development iCeMS is seeking to strengthen its financial foundations by eliciting substantial, independent, multi-use monetary contributions from diverse communities and individuals across the globe. Only together can we shape the future of science and the fate of our planet.

When you make a large donation to iCeMS, either as a personal gift or through a charitable trust or foundation, you can be sure that your investment will fund research that fundamentally addresses the myriad challenges of 21st Century life. Help us to help the world.


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