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Pureosity meets Tarum Natural dye textiles.

Even if it yields clean energy, conventional clean technology can not solve the global environmental problems because it is too expensive for the developing world to afford.
This is one of the biggest problems, what Pureosity focus on innovating clean technology.
Pureosity’s excellent and international experts from science, biology, and engineering have global network to meet voices from all corners of the world. We would like to share a voice that we met here.
” We do what we can do to the best of our ability not to pollute water and for natural environment.”
Tarum’s funder, Bapak Made said.Tarum is a small local Natural dye textile factory in Bali, Indonesia,
which is eager to realize the environmentally friendly way of process in textile industry.
” Even so, using natural dye and this method, leaves some pollution. Our waste water treatment is not
good enough.” Bapak Made said.
Pureosity would say that It is not good enough for the developer world to ” set an example ”
if the approach is too expensive for the developing world to afford and we would like to work on that…
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