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Pureosity member / Gunawan Setia Prihandana

Pureosity seek not merely to improve existing technologies but to effect paradigm shifts in the way science benefits humanity.
We think clean technology cannot solve environmental problems if it is too expensive for the developing world.  Innovating clean technology that meets environmental needs in developing countries is one of the biggest challenges for Pureosity. To meet environmental needs in developing countries, technology must not only be affordable but also be applicable at various levels of development.This challenge can only be achieved by working collectively with those from other fields.
We would like to introduce a Pureosity member, Gunawan Setia Prihandana, who is tackling this big challenge.


Securing access to safe, clean water and maintaining a minimum standard of living are closely connected in developing countries.

Gunawan’s project, Water Crisis in Indonesia, is one of our Global Targets , our current practical research goals; Gunawan’s focus is on making modules for water filtration suitable for the Indonesian context. Like other members, he is a hard worker, and he has been working intensively on making better and better membrane filtration modules for water.

One day in September 2017, he went back to his hometown in Indonesia for the first time since joining Pureosity in Kyoto, Japan. In Indonesia, he went to a small village in Java to promote the module for water filtration. He also flew to a different island, Bali, to find a suitable way for Pureosity’s water filtration modules to fit in the water system of a small textile factory, Tarum Natural Textile.


‘Collective efforts are the key to achieving our goal’

When he finished his activities in Indonesia and was awaiting a taxi back to the airport, I asked Gunawan what he thought about his fieldwork in Indonesia. He replied, ‘I believe Pureosity’s membrane filtration for water is one of the most effective ways to get good water quality suitable for various environmental needs in Indonesia. However, we need researchers from other fields to design and make the housings for our membrane to fit in.’

Gunawan’s activities in Indonesia were done in collaboration with Dr Muslim Mahardika and his students from the Dept. of Medical Engineering, Gajah Madah University, in Indonesia. Gunawan said ,‘Through this field work, I think we can achieve the best solution by collaborating with other researchers and also the local community.’.He also said, ‘Collective efforts are the key to achieving our goal.’

‘Have you been able to have any family time in Indonesia?’ I asked. ‘ That is also important for you because this is the first time you have come back to Indonesia.’ He smiled. ‘I know. I’m going to my parents home from here to spend some time with my family before going back to Japan and continuing the project in Pureosity’. I hoped his flight was on time so that he could spend as much time as possible in Yogjakarta because he was flying back to Japan was the next day…

Please check our Global Target (from the menu) and Gunawan’s article Clean Water Crisis in Indonesia to see the detail of his researching and also to know water pollution problem in Indonesia.



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